Race Around the City in a Prestige Car

London, a city not short of roads, cars and people. Many people decide to discover areas of London behind the wheel of a prestige car that shouts rags-to-riches to pedestrians.  You too can experience the lap of luxury through car rentals that are all over the populated city.

Using a car to explore the city is an efficient way of seeing all of the sights if you’re ever running low on time, and is possible in just one day. Silverstone Circut is also a good way of getting to experience the car on a racetrack. Find out more.

Prestige & Luxury Car Hire

Hiring something luxurious is a great way of expanding your memories even further with your loved ones, or even work colleagues. You can choose from an entire selection of prestige cars including sports cars and convertible vehicles.

Hire a Range Rover in London

You can hire a Land Rover Discovery Sport for as little as £155! This vehicle is great for those who wish to travel quite the distance with family or friends. Land Rovers are ideal for business events where you feel you need to impress potential stakeholders and clients.

We recommend using City Inter-Rent to hire such a unique vehicle. The team say every time you are behind the wheel of this car, you will experience something different each time. You will feel high levels of satisfaction every time you step foot inside the car as the interior design is as sophisticated as you can possibly ever believe.  Hire today.

Power & Performance from Audi

You can experience one of Audi’s most efficient sports car, the Audi R8 Spyder V10 FDI Quattro 540Ps S Tronic. Some may believe that a car of this privilege is just a dream, but this can all be made a reality.

The 5.2 litre engine means you can accelerate to 60 miles PH in an incredible 3.6 seconds! Such a powerful engine that will whisk you off of your feet. See all of the sights from a vehicle that is just as magical as you would ever believe. Create memories that will last years and email sales@cityinterrent.com for more information.


Other cool cars to rent

BMW 4 series coupé
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Jaguar F-Type Coupé